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Karibou (welcome) to Mohéli, the nature island ! You will undoubtedly be charmed by the authenticity of the villagers, the untamed nature and the remoteness of the destination. On Mohéli, it seems that time has stopped. You will be welcomed more as a friend than as a host. Mohélians will share with you what they have most : time, a taste for long chats, and coconuts…

Beaches are pretty and plentiful, specially on the South Coast, and you will have long stretches just for yourself. Flora is luxurious and fauna is original and mysterious. Several species are endemic to the island, including the giant Livingstone bat. Villagers will also guide you to watch sea turtles lay their eggs at night, and meet dolphins and whales next to the hidden paradise of offshore islets in the parc marin.

All in all, Mohéli is a perfect destination to go off the beaten track, breathe pure air and meet captivating people. A stay in Moheli is also a great occasion to discover an excellent program of community based ecotourism which brings hope and sustainable development to the island, and which will show you how valuable nature is to the local people. Don’t hesitate any longer, and come retrieve the original pace of life on Mohéli, the nature island!

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