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Frequently Asked Questions
What about customs ?
You will need a valid passport. The visa is mandatory, you will get it at the airport, it will cost you 15 000 Fc (30 ) for 45 days.
What is the currency ?
It is the Comorian Franc (Fc)
Exchange rate: 492 Fc = 1 €
Please take cash with you, as there are no banking services or cash machine on the island.
What about health ?
No vaccine necessary, Anti-malarial treatment highly recommended. Bring insect repellent, Rooms have mosquito nets.
Which language do we speak ?
Swahili, French, Arabic… but virtually no English is spoken on the island. This is your chance to live an adventure!
What is the weather like ?
Comoros enjoys a tropical climate. Warm temperatures all year round (from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius). Best season to visit is the dry season from April to November.
What can I bring back home ?
You can buy beautiful handicrafts and postcards at the Maison de l’Ecotourisme de Mohéli.
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